Ripple Effect Founding Fathers

Hasan Khosravi

As an Iranian American, Hasan Khosravi never thought HIV to be a significant problem in the Middle-East. Little did he know, his own country, Iran, was coping with high transmission rates due to proliferated drug abuse. After learning more about the virus, he decided to launch Ripple Effect along with 7 other Global Changemakers to bolster HIV activism around the world with an innovative pledge system. If you would like to join Georgia Tech’s Ripple Effect chapter, please add your name to the mailing list

Mariana Carvalho

As a Portuguese citizen, Mariana Carvalho never acknowledged how prevalent HIV/AIDS still is in Europe. In fact, Portugal has one of the highest HIV transmission rates in Western Europe. Mariana is a certified HIV/AIDS Peer Educator, and runs a program educating youth throughout New Mexico about sexual health. A soon-to-be student at Brown University, Mariana hopes to not only extend the Ripple Effect locally, but also globally.

Gaurav Nakhare

Having grown up in both the UK and India, Gaurav Nakhare saw different angles to the spread and prevention of HIV-AIDS, as well as youth awareness about the same. A desire to do more than just volunteer locally led him to co-found the Ripple Effect at the Global Youth Summit 2010. He hopes to spread the ripple even further this year – as a freshman at Brown University. So like the Essar group says: Lets Begin!

Jacob Tobia

Growing up, Jacob Tobia thought that HIV wasn’t something that impacted his life, but ever since learning that 1 in 5 gay men in the United States are still infected with HIV/AIDS, Jacob has become a passionate advocate for HIV education, testing, and prevention. In addition to working with RippleEffect, he is currently a student at Duke University, where he participates in the Know Your Status HIV Testing program as a testing counselor.

Aldiyar Abduali

From Kazakhstan, Aldiyar was interested in social activities and  The Youth Volunteer Leadership Centre “Dostar” since he was 14. As a peer educator, he conducts trainings about HIV and its sufferers who are often discriminated against and stigmatized. A healthy lifestyle, drug abuse, reproductive health, and Sexually Transmitted Infections are other topics that he covers. He is passionate and willing to make positive changes in society and to extend these changes globally.